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Installation on Debian Lenny

aptitude install pwgen
pwgen -1 16

I suggest to use the generataed password for the mysql root user, and to save it in ~root/.my.conf. You will be asked to enter it during the following installation of mysql:

aptitude install apache2 mysql-server libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql
cd /tmp
wget -c
cd /usr/local
tar -xvkpzf /tmp/cruisedit-0.6.6rc2.tgz
mv -iv cruisedit cruisedit-0.6.6rc2
ln -s cruisedit-0.6.6rc2 cruisedit # this two steps are of course a matter of taste
mysql # If you're not using .my.cnf, you have to use  mysql -p -u root  and enter a password

At the mysql prompt enter:

create database ce_mysite ;
grant select on ce_mysite.* to cruisedit_read identified by 'xoobuwuuf7cohFoo' ;
grant select,insert,update,delete on ce_mysite.* to ce_myuser identified by 'oong0jaeth3eiK3e';

Back on the shell prompt, install the CruisEdit table:

mysql ce_mysite < /usr/local/cruisedit/cruisedit.sql 
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