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 ====== Dokuwiki SQL Plugin ====== ====== Dokuwiki SQL Plugin ======
-I did some modifications to the [[http://​​plugin:​sql|Dokuwiki SQL Plugin]] by Slim Amamou ​and will publish the result ​here soon.+I did some modifications to the [[http://​​plugin:​sql|Dokuwiki SQL Plugin]] by Slim Amamou
 +===== New Features ===== 
 +  * 2012-03-22 
 +    * Function ''​property($prop,​$xml)''​ is now a class member 
 +    * Linebreaks in SQL output ​will be prefixed by '<​BR>'​ when //​wikitext//​ is disabled 
 +    * Wikitext may be enabled on "by column"​ basis to speed up dokuwiki page loading when wiki syntax is needed only for few columns.\\ (Give a colon separated list of column headers where to enable wiki syntax parsing instead of ''"​enable"''​ or ''"​disable"''​) 
 +    * Databases can be configured in ''​conf/​local.protected.php''​ file and referenced by name. 
 +  $conf['​plugin'​]['​ulsql'​]['​myname'​] = '​mysql://​myuser:​mypass@myserver/​mydb';​  
 +===== Download ===== 
 +For a start, you can get a tarfile ​here
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