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TIM - Tivoli Identity Manager

Find out version of installed adapter profile

The version of e.g. the AD adapter is available via the LDAP entry


Get XML form data

To get the XML description of e.g. the AD account form:

idsldapsearch -b 'ou=...,o=...,c=...' -h 'localhost' \
              -p 389 -D cn=root -w '?' 'erformname=erADAccount' erxml

AD Password Sync Plugin

The configuration tool for the AD password sync plugin pfconfig64.exe needs to be run with adminstrator priviledges. This seems to be quite obvious and not worth being mentioned. However, it turns out, that with recent Microsoft Windows Versions at least in AD context, a user having administration priviledges still needs to select “Run as administrator” from the context menu. Otherwise the changes made to to config will be silently ignored.

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