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Request Tracker (RT)

Local Config on Debian Systems

If you don't read docs ;-), you should know at least this regarding configuring RT on a Debian system:

  • Put your local modification in a separate file below
  • The filename must not end on .pm. (I would avoid dots '.' completely)
  • Run
  • Restart Apache


  • Unprivileged users will only show up in the adminstrators list of users if searched explictly.
  • Assignment of unprivileged users to groups can only be done via the user admin pane (won't show up in the selection lit in the group admin pane)
  • When creating new tickets by the web frontend, the assignmant as requestor of the current user will only work, if he/she has an e-mail address configured.
  • Assignment of default queues for unprivileged users can be done by group memberships and group rights.




To align a field containing __id__ (which will be aligned to the right by default) to the left, add /ALIGN:left to the field definition in the advanced query editor.


'__Status__ [<a href="__WebPath__/Ticket/Modify.html?id=__id__&amp;Status=deleted">delete</a>]/TITLE:Status (Delete)/ALIGN:left',

Time formats

As found (verbatim) at the RT Wiki:

There are at least three valid date formats:

  • 'today' uses today's date as the date value
  • 'x days ago' where x is some integer value (e.g. '8 days ago' )
  • 'YYYY-MM-DD' absolute day in the format year-month-date (e.g. '2013-09-30' )
  • 'n seconds' , 'n minutes' , 'n hours' , 'n days' , 'n weeks' are dates in the future relative to the current date, ie current_date + n minutes. May be negative, eg '-2 days' is two days in the past.


The tool menu entry Offline refers to bulk upload of tickets from the file system of your local desktop PC.

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