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Internet Annoyances

How to cope with annoyances while browsing the Web …

Recover from navigator.cookieEnabled giving senseless value

If you enable cookies to specific sites only, the javascript method navigator.cookieEnabled will most properly return false, erroneously telling the script cookies won't work.

Found at (found with google), I tried the following solution for firefox which worked for me:

  1. Install the NoScript Plugin
  2. Enter the “about:config” Page
  3. Add the following two properties:
noscript.surrogate.nce.sources = @*
noscript.surrogate.nce.replacement = navigator.__defineGetter__("cookieEnabled",function(){var ed=new Date; ed.setTime(0); var tc="__noscriptTestCookie_"+Math.round((Math.random()*99999)).toString(16)+"=1";document.cookie=tc;var ok=document.cookie.indexOf(tc)>-1;document.cookie=tc+";expires="+ed.toGMTString();return ok});

where * is the site I had troubles with.

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