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(my favourite shell)


PS1="%F{cyan}(%F{green}%B%n%F{cyan}@%F{green}%m%b%F{cyan})%f %\$[ \$COLUMNS - 50 ]<..<%~ %<<%B%(#.%F{red}#.%F{blue}$)%f%b "
setopt promptsubst

Disable autocompletion

Incorrect command specific autocompletion can be annoying - e.g. if for the cvs command only files and directories are considered, which are already under cvs control - but this is applied to cvs add as well.

A simple fix is to reset autocompletion for arguments of a specific command to its default to take all files into account. On modern (as of 2023) Debian-oid Linux sytems, this can be done by

compdef _files cvs


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