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Linux Mint

Installer (Ubiquity)

Start from terminal without installing bootloader:

sudo --preserve-env=DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS,XDG_DATA_DIRS,XDG_RUNTIME_DIR sh -c 'ubiquity -b -d'

Get more options

ubiquity --help

General advice

If swap space is already formated, it will be used by live system and installation fails on trying to format it again.

There is no obvious way to prevent the installer from reformatting swap space.

Webhits on searching for usage of preseed file

Make "drawing" work

This holds most propable for Debian and Ubuntu as well - nevertheless, I encountered it on Linux Mint

The tool drawing as packaged for Linux Mint does not open files given on the command line. When started from a shell, the first error is

Error opening this file. /usr/bin/drawing isn't an image.

which looks pretty much like a bug itself - meaning maybe the root cause of the problem. This made me look at the details of the but titled “Editing a file also tries to open the binary”.

Holy shit! Whats has this been for a kind of crappy software?!!!

I downloaded the source package and read out CURRENT_BINARY_PATH, which was /app/bin/drawing at the time of this writing.

So the solution was to make a symlink and call the binary by the full (fake) path:

ln -s usr /app
/app/bin/drawing <imagefile>

:-O OH MY GOD!!!8-o m(

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