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Installing Bacula 5.0.x on Ubuntu Server 9.10

As Ubuntu is shipping with Bacula 2.4 and there is no more recent version available in the backports repository, using bacula 5.0.x on Ubuntu 9.10 means compiling it from scratch - this is meant to be a short copy-n-paste instruction on how to do this.

Preparing MySQL

aptitude install mysql-server mysql-client
# choose secure password

edit ~/.my.cnf to contain the following lines:

password="<enter your literal password here>"

Preparing the System

create a system (-r) account:

useradd -r -m -c "Bacula System Account" -s /bin/noshell bacula
addgroup bacula tape

(using /bin/noshell is a security measure. If you ever have to become bacula, use the command
su - bacula -s /bin/bash)

As we are going to compile bacula with TCP Wrapper support, make sure it can be accessed locally by adding the following linew to /etc/hosts.allow:

ALL: <ip number of system>

Install the tool(s):

aptitude install mtx

Installing bacula

Install packages (needed on a fresh installed server)

aptitude install gcc g++ libqt4-dev libreadline-dev libmysqlclient-dev \
         libwrap0-dev python-dev

Download files:

mkdir download
cd download
wget -c ""
wget -c ""
wget -c ""
wget -c ""
cd ..

Compile things:

mkdir src
cd src
tar -xvkpzf ../download/bacula-5.0.1.tar.gz
cd bacula-5.0.1 

./configure --prefix=/opt/bacula-5.0.1 \
  --sbindir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/bin \
  --sysconfdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/etc  \
  --mandir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/man \
  --docdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/html \
  --htmldir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/html \
  --with-working-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/working \
  --with-pid-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/working \
  --with-subsys-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/working \
  --with-scriptdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/scripts \
  --with-plugindir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/plugins \
  --libdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1/lib \
  --enable-smartalloc \
  --enable-tray-monitor \
  --enable-bat \
  --with-mysql \
  --with-smtp-host=localhost \
  --with-baseport=9101 \
  --with-tcp-wrappers \
  --with-python \
  --enable-lockmgr \
  --disable-conio \


Du as root:

mkdir /opt/bacula-5.0.1
cd /opt
ln -s bacula-5.0.1 bacula

cd <wherever you compiled it>/src/bacula-5.0.1
make install

cd /opt/bacula
chgrp bacula etc/*.conf
chown bacula:bacula working

Continue as user (using ~/.my.cnf as described above)

Setup MySQL for bacula:

cd /opt/bacula/scripts
/bin/sh ./grant_mysql_privileges
mysql -u bacula -p ''

Hit Enter at the password prompt (initial password is empty, which is not the same as no password. Enter at the SQL prompt:

set password = password('<enter new literal bacula mysql password here') ;

remove MySQL history as it contains the unencrypted password:

rm -v ~/.mysql_history

continue with setting up MySQL for bacula:

/bin/sh ./create_mysql_database
/bin/sh ./make_mysql_tables

Fix file permissions as root:
(this is needed, as we do not want to run the storage deamon and the director as root)

cd /opt/bacula/scripts
chmod a+x mtx-changer dvd-handler disk-changer startmysql stopmysql \
          bacula-ctl-dir bacula-ctl-sd bacula-ctl-fd bconsole delete_catalog_backup
cd /opt/bacula/bin
chmod a+x *

Reinit database

This will destroy all information about previous backups!!! It's only noted here to get rid of data produced by testruns!

cd /opt/bacula/scripts
/bin/sh ./drop_mysql_tables
/bin/sh ./make_mysql_tables

You might want to “clean” your tape as well:

 (stop Bacula or unmount the drive)
 mt -f /dev/nst0 rewind
 mt -f /dev/nst0 weof

(These two hints are from the bacula manual)

I recomment to clean the working directory as well:

rm -rv /opt/bacula/working/*

Build client only

./configure --prefix=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client \
  --sbindir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/bin \
  --sysconfdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/etc  \
  --mandir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/man \
  --docdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/html \
  --htmldir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/html \
  --with-working-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/working \
  --with-pid-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/working \
  --with-subsys-dir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/working \
  --with-scriptdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/scripts \
  --with-plugindir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/plugins \
  --libdir=/opt/bacula-5.0.1-client/lib \
  --enable-smartalloc \
  --disable-tray-monitor \
  --disable-bat \
  --enable-client-only \
  --with-smtp-host=localhost \
  --with-baseport=9101 \
  --with-tcp-wrappers \
  --enable-lockmgr \

NB: –enable-static-fd didn't work for me

Further Reading

There is a lot of documentation on the projects web page. Especcially useful for configuration is the Directors index.

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