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Open disk image files read-write


Thunar seems to open disk images read-only by default. This makes sense for ISO-images and probably a bunch of other use cases, but not for image files created to be used with LUKS for additional security1)

The workaround is to configure a custom action in Thunar containing the command

udisksctl loop-setup -f %f


man udisksctl

Use ssh-agent to mount sftp targets


dbus-update-activation-environment SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$SSH_AUTH_SOCK
systemctl --user stop gvfs-daemon
gio mount s

This doesn't look like a Thunar topic, but it seems to affect Thunar as well, so I put it here


In my case, the image file is on a encrypted home partition, but still encrypted (second) as it contains keys etc. I don't want to expose to the system all the time while my home partion is mounted.
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