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Start with different profile on M$ Windows

Start second Firefox with profile manager:

"C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote -ProfileManager

Old versions of firefox seem to need:

"C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -ProfileManager


Enabling Zoom gestures on OS X

about.config: — Value = cmd_fullZoomReduce — Value = cmd_fullZoomReset
  browser.gesture.pinch.latched — Value = false
  browser.gesture.pinch.out — Value = cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
  browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift — Value = cmd_fullZoomReset
  browser.gesture.pinch.threshold — Value = 40 to 100 (set it to a number that works for you)



Tuning the look and feel

This ist outdated on current versions of firefox, use extension Classic theme restorer instead

To put the tabs bar again down in recent versions of firefox without the respective menu item:

  1. Open location “about:config”
  2. Search for “browser.tabs.onTop”
  3. Toggle to “false” (by doubleclick)

Have fun! ;-)


Firefox Tabs wieder unter die Adressleiste

Disable hiding of URL scheme


browser.urlbar.trimURLs = false

Disable autocorrection of URLs

Strange problem on importing personal certificate

I just encountered the (in)famous “The PKCS 12 operation failed for unknown reasons.” error message while trying to import a personal PKCS#12 certificate and key into firefox 43 or firefox 45 on ubuntu.

As the the import worked on a different firefox profile by the same user account on the same machine as expected, I concluded that the certificat file was okay, but I had some runtime or configuration issue within firefox.

While neither finding helpfull information on the web nor some means to do analytic troubleshooting, I just started to try out things.

In the end, it turned out that starting firefox without my previously opened tabs allowed me to import the certificate in question.

So some of my opened tabs did prevent installing a personal certificat into firefox … - WTF???


Stop redirecting to https

It my happen, that firefox replaces http by https when trying to reach a site. I susspect, this happens, when there has been a redirect to https before (or even you just used the site with https before). However, if http and http content do not mach - or even if there is a problem with the https site- you'd prefer to access the http URL. Alas, the following steps seem to work:

  1. Select “Clear resenct history …” from the “History” menu
  2. Unselect everything but “Site Preferences”
  3. (Meaning, select “Site Preferences” if not selected already)
  4. Select an apropriate time window (i.e. when you visited the site in question the last(? first?) time)


https redirect

Invisible Checkboxes

After some Update, checkboxes on webpages were not visible any more. Utilizing my favourite web search enging1) made me realize other people had the problem too. In my case (running XFCE under Ubuntu 16.04) the solution was to start XFCE-Theme-Manager2), select tab controls and switch from Orion to Murrina-Tangoesque.



Unfortunately a dead project
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