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(state of Februray 6th 2016)

PHPki is a web based CA “solution” written in PHP. Apart from the basic question wether it make sense to have such a critical part of your security infrastructure run as a networked service, there are several sources on the net:

I tried out eddieraoadcaps code some time ago and I don't remember any problems setting up a minimal demo. Recently I tried apatiks latest version and encountered some glitches:

  • Running on an Ubuntu system, I didn't see any reason to pull composer somewhere dirty in my file system, instead I installed the smarty3 package which needed adoption of the require() statement in include/std_includes.php
  • The documentation on first start - meaning setup etc. - is not very helpfull. Basically, the parameter STORE_DIR needs to be set manually in define.php.
  • Although it is very common, I don't like the use of .htaccess files. Setting up a configuration in /etc/apache2/conf-available/phpki.conf seems to be straight forward though.
Andrew Patik?
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