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dump and restore


How to use restore most recent files in batch mode:

mkdir /tmp/recover
cd /tmp/recover
restore -x -o -X /tmp/files_to_restore.txt -a  \
-f /backup/eldest.bzdump     \
-f /backup/rather_old.bzdump \
-f /backup/less_old.bzdump   \
-f /backup/most_recent.bzdump

:!: It seems, -X file ist mandatory for restoring from multi level backups as described here. Leaving out -X file should restore the whole contents of the dump file, but to my experience only a subset of files will be recovered when used with multiple -f file

-x extract
-X <file> eXtract files of names listed in given file
-o restore ownership and permission without asking
-a read all volumes, don't ask
-f <file> read dump from given file

Ommit the files of levels that do not exist ;-)

Backup Linux restore dump

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