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MD 40900

Add wireless MAC to allow access list

password=<router password>
mac=<mac to add>
router=<router ip or dns name>
wget --http-user bla \
--http-password "${password}" \
--post-data 'i1_3_6_1_4_1_937_3_1_3_2_2_1_4_*=5&m1_3_6_1_4_1_937_3_1_3_2_2_1_2_*='"${mac}"'&i1_3_6_1_4_1_937_3_1_3_2_2_1_3_*=1&i1_3_6_1_4_1_937_3_1_3_2_2_1_4_*=1' \

Get public IP by SNMP

router=<router ip or dns name>
public_ip="`snmptable -c public -v 2c -CH "${router}" . \
                               | awk ' $2 == 7 {print $1}'`"
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