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IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.2


Start locally:

# sourcing the db2profile turned out to solve problems
# sometimes althought the need is not documented
. ~<instancehome>/sqllib/db2profile
idsslapd -I <instance>

Stop locally:

idsslapd -I <instance> -k

Stop locally or from remote:

idsdirctl -D cn=root -w ? stop

Admistrative Server

Start locally:

idsdiradm -I <instance>

Stop locally:

idsdiradm -I <instance> -k

Stop locally or from remote:

idsdirctl -D cn=root -w ? admstop

Drop Instance

idsidrop -s -r -I <instance>

will drop the instance and remove all database content and the database instance

Reread configuration

idsldapexop -D cn=root -w '?' -op readconfig -scope entire

this will read ibmslapd.conf without restarting the server

Check for last modification time

idsldapsearch -D cn=root -w '?' -b '<base>' '<filter>' modifyTimestamp

this will will show the last modification timestamp of each entry found.

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